Your skin needs rest too

Your skin needs rest too. And the best way to ensure it is through expert care. But since you’re here, you already know that. 

That’s why Derma-Act presents 6 cosmetic treatments to give your skin what it needs. 

Oxygen therapy with Babor foam mask

Oxygen therapy with a foam mask reliably removes impurities from the skin of the face, cleaning it in depth. Once applied to the face, a light and nourishing oxygen foam forms on the skin within seconds, effectively removing impurities and dead cells.

In this way, the elasticity of the skin is also improved and the bacteria that cause acne are removed. 

As a result, the facial skin is cleaner, hydrated and fresh.

Reversive rejuvenation therapy

The company Babor is a leader in cosmetic care. REVERSIVE is their newest comprehensive skin care range for all ages over 25 and every skin type. It contains four highly effective active ingredients that work together in perfect synergy. It draws on recognized medical research, plant-based protective effects, stem cells and the power of active ingredients from the sea with one common goal: to prevent premature aging and restore the beauty of the skin. 

Already after the first procedure, a visible effect and a reduction in the signs of aging is observed.

Recovery therapy 

The restorative therapy from cosmetic leader Babor – Repair Cellular is recommended to aid in skin recovery after instrumental methods of microdermabrasion, fractional microneedling mesotherapy, laser therapy, as well as an adjunctive method in the treatment of scars, post-burn, and prior to insertion of a filler and needle mesotherapy.

The Repair Cellular Babor therapy aims to achieve cellular renewal, intensive regeneration and protection of cellular structures, elasticity and a smooth, even appearance of the skin.

Collagen Lifting

Collagen Lifting is a revolutionary therapy for tightening, smoothing and rejuvenating the skin.

Thanks to the active ingredients Tripeptide-3 and Tripeptide-2, Collagen Lifting therapy intensively restructures and fills the skin from the inside, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and prevents premature aging, corrects tissue strength, improves skin tone and firmness.

Already after the first procedure, a visible effect in elasticity and skin look is observed. 

Silver therapy

Silver therapy – a luxurious lifting mask combined with precise, age-stopping serums. The treatment has an instant lifting effect thanks to the four serums – Collagen boost, Re-Fill serum, BTX-lift serum and V-Shape serum – which reduce the depth of lines. 

The result is visibly thicker, fresher and tighter skin.

CLEANFORMANCE vegan therapy

Doctor Babor CLEANFORMANCE is a therapy for clean, fresh and beautiful skin with a subtle glow. 

Up to 98% of the ingredients of CLEANFORMANCE are of natural origin. It contains probiotics and prebiotics that balance the skin microbiome, strengthening the skin barrier and acting as a shield against environmental stress factors.

As a result, the skin regains and maintains its healthy balance faster
and more efficiently.

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