Why is it important to cleanse our skin?

Cleansing is the most important procedure in facial skin care. Proper cleansing helps to remove the top stratum corneum and rid the skin of dead cells. Every now and then, it is good to clean the face manually from the subcutaneous accumulations of fatty sebum, and for oily skin, it is appropriate to use specialized cosmetics that neutralize the fatty sebum and keep the skin clean.

Cleansing for dry skin
Dry skin on the face is prone to dryness and usually feels slightly rough and tight in some areas. For this kind of skin, it is important that the products are enriched with hydrating ingredients such as glycerin, which help strengthen the skin’s ability to retain water.

Skin care for children and teenagers
Teen skin care is extremely important. Using hot or cold water leads to an increased production of fatty sebum, and this aggravates the problem of oily skin. It is recommended for children and teenagers to use cosmetics containing antibacterial substances and of a light texture.

Men’s skin care
Men’s skin is characterized by a high production of fatty sebum due to the higher level of testosterone. The skin must be cleansed of dead cells, as they can lead to the appearance of pimples. In addition, men’s skin tends to get oily. To prevent the shiny look, it is necessary to use washing gels. Larger pores and heavy facial hair also contribute to skin contamination, so regular cleansing is extremely important.

Women’s skin care
During menopause or pregnancy, a hormonal imbalance often occurs, which increases the activity of the sebaceous glands. In that case, it is best to avoid products that dehydrate the skin, as they cause the top layer of cells to shrink and thus do not allow them to “breathe”.
Every woman knows that the toxins that cause blockages, comedones and milia must be removed from the skin. For this purpose, there are various therapies and procedures, such as:

Facial cleansing / lifting therapy with Pro-Facial
– Aqua peeling
– Aqua peeling + ultrasound and radio frequency lifting

Facial cosmetic therapies with BABOR Cosmetics
– Hydrating therapy with ultrasound
– Radio frequency lifting
– Purity Cellular with vapozone
– Purity Cellular without vapozone
– Repair Cellular
– Neuro Sensitive Cellular
– Oxygen therapy
– REVERSIVE treatment set
– Silver lifting therapy