What care should we take for healthy and shiny hair?

Since ancient times, beautiful hair has been a symbol of health and beauty, but it requires a lot of attention and care. Hair is also a symbol of femininity and sex appeal and plays a major role in the appearance and overall look. Often, it is the embodiment of mood, style and overall attitude to life.

What factors affect the health of our hair?

A number of factors affect the hair – frequent heat treatment with a hair dryer or press, drastic diets, stress, various diseases involving the scalp, such as seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, folliculitis, hormonal imbalance and others. However, all of them can lead to hair thinning, increased hair loss, which affects the quality of life.

Normally, we lose 50 to 100 hairs per day, without affecting the density of the hair. When this number increases, we begin to talk about hair loss. Finding a large amount of hair on the pillow, as well as severe hair loss during bathing and brushing, are alarming symptoms that the etiology of the condition should be determined.

How can we protect it from harm?

In order to have healthy and shiny hair, we must first of all learn to protect it. Every day we are exposed to various influences that harm our hair without us noticing, such as ultraviolet rays. The combination of salty sea water and the sun’s rays can be detrimental and lead to tearing, lack of shine and discoloration. Protecting your hair is just as important as caring for it.
However, when we have a specific problem, the objective cause of its occurrence must be sought and the relevant examinations planned. Heredity in men is a common factor. Endocrine diseases, increased levels of male sex hormones, as well as the intake of certain drugs are only some of the possible predisposing conditions. In the absence of a real health problem, measures may be taken to generally strengthen the hair follicle, stimulate blood circulation to the scalp and hair growth. This excludes the excessive use of curling irons and flat irons, styling with heavy products such as hairspray and foam, and the use of suitable shampoos and conditioners can only improve the condition. In addition, the weekly use of stimulating masks and scalp massages with appropriate oils has a favorable effect on circulation, oxygenation and absorption of nutrients.

What products should we use?
Currently, there is a huge variety of products on the market, facilitating all steps towards beautiful hair. There are various conditioners and shampoos containing UV filters and moisturizing ingredients to restore softness and shine. In addition, covering the hair with a hat or scarf also provides good protection from the effects of sunlight.

When washing the scalp, we must be very careful with the water temperature, as too hot a shower can lead to excessive drying and tearing of the hair. Washing off the shampoo and conditioner with cool water at the end closes the hair follicle and adds significant shine. It is important not to brush the hair while it is wet, as there is a risk of damaging it. Using a wooden comb is one of the most recommended means of combing.

Lovers of folk remedies can take advantage of the beneficial effects of well-established concoctions of nettle, burdock and calendula to deal with thinning and recover damaged hair.

What dermatological procedures can help us?

However, if the problem is more serious and is not affected by the listed methods, some dermatological procedures can also be used. The best hair therapies include:

  • filler injection DR. CYJ containing 7 peptides and hyaluronic acid
  • mesotherapy, containing a cocktail of special ingredients that nourish the hair follicle
  • plasma therapy

After a consultation with an experienced dermatologist, the number of necessary procedures, the intervals between them and the effect that can be achieved for the specific patient are assessed. Very often, the combination of the different procedures leads to combining the benefits of all of them and, accordingly, to a faster and more visible result.