truSculpt®flex by Cutera® – muscle sculpting device

truSculpt®flex by Cutera®is a latest generation muscle sculpting device that offers exceptional options for customizing the procedure to the patient’s physical shape and goals. The device allows precise targeting of both small and large muscle groups to achieve specific results – emphasizing the muscle relief.

During the procedure, muscles are stimulated with direct electrical impulses using truControl™ technology, which helps build strength and mass in muscle tissue and makes muscles more resistant to physical exertion.
The procedure is most commonly applied to the abdominal, gluteal and thigh muscle areas.

Patented Multidirectional Stimulation (MDS)

truSculpt©Flex’s Multidirectional Stimulation (MDS) provides 3 treatment modes for up to 8 areas – the largest volume of areas of any appliance on the market.
This significantly improves the results and efficiency of the procedure.

“Preparation” mode warms and stretches the muscles, slowly increasing the force of muscle contraction;
“Toning” mode increases muscle endurance through muscle contractions – retention and relaxation;
“Sculpting” mode builds muscle mass through fast, deep and consistent contractions.

Treatment of muscle tissue with ultrasound results in a 30% increase in muscle thickness in just 6 treatments.

This variety of functions and modes of operation makes truSculpt®flex one of the most effective muscle stimulation devices.

And now you can get the procedure for only BGN 119 per area, down from 400 BGN up to and including 30.10.2021.

To make an appointment or to find out more about the device and the procedure, contact us on 0889 74 14 17 and 02/450 80 80 or through our official Facebook page.