Time can wait

Now with every promo pack from Derma-Act, time has no choice but to wait for you. Choose the one that’s best for you.
You can use the procedures at leisure, or share one with a friend – she will appreciate it.

Here are the packages:

“Time works for me” package (BGN 199, reduced from BGN 260)

Because when you look young and fresh, not only can time not be your enemy, but on the contrary, it will work for you day after day. You have no idea what a few procedures can do for you – a glowing face and a large dose of self-confidence that will undoubtedly follow.

The package includes:
Microdermabrasion + Laser rejuvenation with Laser Genesis

“In control of every second” package (BGN 299, reduced from BGN 465)

 Because when you look your best, you can control everything around you. In this package, you will find several procedures that will make sure that your face is your perfect business card.

The package includes:
Filler 1 ml. Princess/Saypha + Aqua peeling

“Untouchable by the days” package (BGN 399, reduced from BGN 600)

Because just imagine how you would feel if you looked like you were on vacation every day. After our revitalizing procedures, you’ll look like time’s gone on vacation for you.

The package includes:
Non-operative laser lifting of the whole face + Revitalizing cosmetic therapy

“Turn back the clock” package (BGN 499, reduced from BGN 650)

Because for you, time can be just a clock that you can easily reset. With procedures for smooth, tight and healthy skin, it will seem not only that time does not matter to you, but also that you play with it as you wish. To experience the good things again and again.

The package includes:
Filler 1 ml + Botox at a zone of your choosing

“Fresh start” package (BGN 599, reduced from BGN 1050)

Because you can achieve anything if you always look fresh and radiant. We will help you rekindle the beauty in your face with procedures to remove even the deepest scars, so that it is truly like new. Even time will believe that you are different, even more in love with life.

The package includes:
Laser resurfacing with СО2 laser of the whole face + Microneedling of the whole face

“Erase the years” package (BGN 699, reduced from BGN 950)

Because there is nothing more beautiful than a confident woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. With this procedure, you will not only guarantee that you will erase every bad memory from your face, but you will also be ready to continue with your head held high and truly glowing skin.

The package includes:
Laser rejuvenation with Palomar Icon™ of the whole face + Plasma lifting (PRP)

If one of the packages matches the way you want to master time, visit derma-act.shop or call tel. 0889 74 14 17 and reserve it until May 8 at the special price.

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