The Radiesse® filler in the Derma-Act portfolio

Over time, our natural beauty is subjected to many tests that cause our face to lose its youthful appearance. Over the years, even when we are happy, it starts to look tired and sad.

Radiesse® helps us look young again and wear our naturally beautiful features with confidence.

And now, you can take advantage of the special price of a Radiesse® package + free Botox on 2 areas for 800 BGN  

Specifically, Radiesse® helps with long-lasting sculpting and contouring of the face, neck, arms, décolletage, chest, belly and body. It contributes to the return of the youthful V-shape of the facial contour, volume and lift in different areas, preserving its natural appearance as much as possible.

At Derma-Act the Radiesse® filler is applied by Dr. Vladislava Chilingirova. She is certified to work with Botox, Hyaluronic Acid and Deoxycholic Acid by the leading pharmaceutical companies Restylane, Princess, Allergan, as well as to perform Vampire Lift®, Vampire Facelift® and Vampire Breast Lift® procedures.

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