д-р Пламен Трендафилов

Dr. Plamen


Dr. Plamen Trendafilov graduated from Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov Medical University, Varna in 2020. He specializes in plastic-reconstructive and aesthetic surgery at Acibadem City Clinic – Multidisciplinary Hospital for Active Treatment Tokuda, Sofia.

During his studies, he completed numerous courses and actively volunteered at the neurosurgery clinic at the University General Hospital for Active Treatment Sveta Marina and at the burn clinic of the Military Hospital of Varna. He participates in congresses in the country to enrich his medical knowledge regarding new technologies and practices in medicine and reconstructive surgery. In 2014, he organized the World Congress of Neurosurgery in Varna Walter E. Dandy. He has been trained to work with Plasma BT, Sculpsure, Tempsure, Morpheus8. His scientific and practical interests are in the field of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.