intravenous therapies specialist

Nadya Manolova graduated Medical University Sofia with excellence. From 2005 till 2022 she acquired numerous post-graduate studies in the field of health care. In 2015 Nadya Manolova acquired a Masters degree in Health Care Management specializing in Health Care Manager and Medical Practice Teacher. After winning a competition between 2016 and 2023 she worked as a teacher at Medical University in Sofia. In 2018 she acquired a qualification in Public Health.

Nadia Manolova has a scientific interest in the study and application of prophylactic and preventive care, as well as the quality of health care and patient education. She is also the author and co-author in Bulgarian and international scientific journals and publications. She took part in conferences with reports in Bulgarian and English and in numerous postgraduate training courses.
From 2023 Nadya Manolova started working at Derma-Act Infinity as a certified health specialist in intravenous therapies.

Member of the Bulgarian Association of Healthcare Professionals
Member of the Scientific Society of Medical Education
Member of the Bulgarian Scientific Society for Public Health