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Swimwear season is approaching and on this occasion we decided to delight you with -40% off five selected body treatments to get you in the mood for summer. Choose between Maximus for tightening and contouring, BTL Emtone for cellulite reduction, fat melting with SculpSure or cryolipolysis, and truSculpt Flex for muscle shaping to get into your best shape.

You can purchase the procedures at a promotional price until 20/05/2022 and use them until 25/07/2022.

Fat accumulation is fat in the body that does not go away with even the strictest diets and exercises. Even after weight loss, it remains visible, breaking the natural line of the body. There are various ways to eliminate excess fat deposits without surgery. At Derma-Act clinics, we achieve this through modern and completely safe procedures, with a guaranteed end result.

Tightening and body sculpting with Maximus

The Maximus system is an innovation that treats the skin in depth, thereby locally reducing fat and visibly reducing the presence of stretch marks and cellulite. The effectiveness of the procedure is due to two innovative technologies: TriPollar® RF and DMA.
TriPollar® RF heats both the superficial and deeper layers of the skin. Deep heating stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in tighter and smoother skin.
DMA is an innovative technology that improves muscle tone. It works by directly applying an electrical current that causes alternate stimulation and relaxation of the muscles. The strength, duration and number of contractions are adapted to the goal of the therapy, and the result is a safe and effective increase in muscle density and volume.

Anticellulite procedure with BTL Emtone®

BTL Emtone® is a technology that acts on both existing cellulite and the causes of its appearance. The therapy has no age or seasonal restrictions and produces results on any area where orange skin is present. The number of treatments differs individually and should be discussed in advance with a specialist. The protocol recommends between 4 and 8 treatments, implemented weekly.

Melt fat with SculpSure®

SculpSure® is a technology for non-surgical body sculpting. It safely and effectively removes unwanted fat cells by raising their temperature and thus destroying their structure. It works safely and in a controlled manner only on areas of excess adipose tissue, ensuring minimal absorption into the dermis.

Muscle stimulation with truSculpt®flex

truSculpt®flex is a non-invasive muscle sculpting device that offers customized procedures suited to each patient’s fitness, form and goals. The multi-directional stimulation of truSculpt®flex allows working on 3 areas simultaneously and up to 8 areas in separate sessions. Muscle stimulation can target specific muscle groups such as the belly, thighs, arms, saddlebags, using three treatment regimen options: prep mode (twisting movements with warm-up and stretching of the muscles), tone mode (a mode in which the muscles contract and relax in order to tone and improve endurance) and sculpt mode (fast and deep contractions with the help of which the muscle fibers are stimulated and builds muscle mass).

Fat melting with cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis is an innovative, non-invasive procedure for reducing unwanted fat in specific areas of the body by freezing and subsequently destroying fat cells. The procedure is completely painless and performed without the need for local or full anesthesia.