Stretch marks

Stretch marks are extremely common – they are observed in 90% of pregnant women, 70% of teenage girls and 40% of boys. They appear mainly on the arms, thighs, belly and chest after a sudden fluctuation of body weight. When skin is overstretched, it rapidly loses its elasticity, fissures are seen on the sites of stretching and stretch marks occur.

Initially, the stretch marks have a red or purple hue, and over time they become pale and acquire a silver-white color. Red marks are easier to treat since they are an early stage of cutaneous dysfunction in skin. Unlike them, white marks require a more consistent treatment. An early intervention plays a key part in the effective treatment in the case of occurrence of stretch marks. Nevertheless, a combined approach in treatment leads to favourable and long-term results even in cases of white marks.

Treatment of red stretch marks

Thanks to the collagen and elastin found in skin, it has a natural property to stretch. However, if it remains stretched for a long period (for example in pregnancy), collagen and elastin are decomposed and firstly pink and then red stretch marks increasing over time occur. At the Derma-Act clinics of dermatology and aesthetics, we administer a combination of two safe and FDA certified methods for treatment and removal of red stretch marks.

Palomar Max G™ laser system + Magellan® PRP + Palomar 1540

Palomar Max G™ is a system based on the principle of IPL technology – for an optimized pulsed light. While traditional lasers operate with a single wave length, Palomar ICON MAXG ™ IPL operates combining two wave ranges – 500-670 nm and 870-1200 nm. This enables a more thorough heating in the treated site and correspondingly more effective treatment.

Benefits of treatment and removal of stretch marks with Palomar Max G™:




Minimal recovery period

Applicable to all skin types

Medically proven effectiveness

A Magellan® PRP injection procedure is administered immediately after or between laser sessions for the optimization of results of treatment of red stretch marks. The Magellan® method is a completely natural process of regeneration and renovation of cells based on injecting the patient’s own blood plasma in the area where red stripes are seen. The growth factors released through the process start a process of angiogenesis for the improvement of the production of collagen and elastin in the damaged region.

In comparison to regular plasmotherapy, the Magellan® procedure provides an up to 10 thousand times higher platelet concentration, which makes it more effective and its results – more durable.

Benefits of treatment of stretch marks with Magellan® PRP:

Rejuvenates, heals and regenerates

through activation of formation of new tissue

Smooths and improves the appearance of stretch marks

via cell regeneration

Improves skin texture and tone

No side effects and allergic reactions

Treatment of white stretch marks

The time required for transformation of red stretch marks to white varies from several months to several years depending on the features of the patient's skin. They are harder to treat. Their treatment is defined by our dermatological team depending on their size, the area in which they are seen, and the skin type.

Palomar 1540 laser system + Magellan® / Morpheus 8 fractional radio frequency therapy + Biostimulating fillers

Palomar Icon™ is a fractional non-ablative laser. This means that it does not damage or burn the skin surface but acts in depth. The tip emits a dense array of microcolumns which extends to the depth of the dermis and causes coagulation. Small islands of non-treated tissue from which the correct recovery of skin and formation of new collagen fibres starts, remain between the columns.

The procedure with Morpheus8 fractional radio frequency therapy is minimally invasive; the device combines mechanical stimulation of microneedling with the heating impact of radio frequency energy. As a result, the skin is tightened; its density and elasticity are improved. Radio frequency waves are appropriate for treatment of surgical scars, stretch marks and fats.
The results are visible after the very first session. Nevertheless, optimal results from a procedure are seen about 3 months after the end of treatment since skin tightening with Morpheus8 includes the recovery of collagen in the internal skin layers.

Injectable non-hyaluronic fillers ensure the thickening of skin and the recovery of volume. Their main ingredient, calcium hydroxyapatite, is the component of bones, teeth and other tissues, which makes them completely biocompatible with a slow delayed release, activation of collagenosis and improvement of the quality of skin.

Instructions for care before and after a procedure

  • Do not expose yourself to sunlight within a month before and after the treatment, but if you must, use a sun-protection cream with a high protection factor.
  • Do not do waxing or peeling within 3 weeks before and after the treatment.
  • Avoid active physicalexercise as well as visiting a sauna or swimming pool after a procedure until the redness of skin resolves.
  • Avoid taking hot showers in the first day following a procedure as well as scrubbing the treated site until the skin is completely relieved.
  • Do not take painkillers, vitamin E and anticoagulants at least 4 days before treatment.


Frequently Asked Questions

The main causes of formation of stretch marks are genetic factors, high levels of steroids in organism, pregnancy, rapid weight gain, obesity, etc. Stretch marks look like scars and their effective treatment usually requires a combination of several different methods. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the area in which they appear and their sizes and age (red or white).
Red marks are more easily treatable since they have been formed more recently than white ones and do not require as many different methods of stimulation of the production of elastin and collagen. Also, the number of sessions for treatment of red stretch marks is significantly smaller. In summary, to achieve an optimal final result, a different type of treatment is applied depending on the size of the stretch marks, skin colour and realistic expectations of any individual.
In general, white stretch marks are treated effectively with combined therapies based on the administration of a fractional laser, Magellan® and biostimulating filler. In the majority of our patients, an improvement is seen after a series of 6 sessions.

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