PhilArt – biostimulation with polynucleotides

At Derma-Act, we’re constantly at the forefront of aesthetic advancements, striving to bring you treatments that redefine beauty and wellness. We are excited to announce the newest addition to our array of services: PhilArt by Chroma Pharma.

PhilArt is the latest generation skinbooster, containing polynucleotides, which are clinically proven to work in the direction of smoothing the skin, improving its structure and quality.

Read on to find out what makes PhilArt an extraordinary innovation in the field of aesthetics.

What is PhilArt?

PhilArt belongs to the family of skinboosters and is an important pillar of a minimally invasive aesthetics portfolio, next to hyaluronic acid fillers, botulinum toxin and mesothreads, allowing for combination therapies and a full-face approach.

The main component of PhilArt is polynucleotides, which have been proven to work for cell regeneration. Polynucleotides are molecules that stimulate the production of new collagen, which in turn is responsible for the youthful and fresh appearance of the skin. PhilArt also restores the elasticity of the skin, increases hydration many times and has a strong antioxidant effect. The treatment areas are face, neck, décolleté, hands and even the delicate area around the eyes.

PhilArt can be applied as a the main treatment or to prepare the skin for further aesthetic procedures.

Why PhilArt Polynucleotides?

At the base of any successful aesthetic treatment is the desire to improve the natural beauty and radiance of the skin. Polynucleotides have the ability to trigger the natural production of collagen in the body, resulting in a more radiant and rejuvenated skin. PhilArt Injectable Polynucleotides improve skin tone and elasticity while enhancing the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture, resulting in a more hydrated and more youthful appearance.

Regenerate and improve the quality and health of the skin

Have hydrating and elastic properties

that are similar to those of hyaluronic acid

Stimulate the production of collagen and elastin

Even out the complexion and smooth out the skin

Increase the skin’s radiance

Increase the production of proteins

Improve tissue recovery

Regenerate damaged and aging tissues

Which areas can be treated with PhilArt?

PhilArt Polynucleotide Skinboosters are available in a wide portfolio of varieties to meet the different needs of each patient.

PhilArt Next
With its formula of a combination of hyaluronic acid, polynucleotides and mannitol, PhilArt Next increases skin hydration and stimulates collagen production. Restores skin elasticity and vitality. Mannitol, in turn, slows down the breakdown of hyaluronic molecules and thus prolongs the effect of the treatment.

The product is suitable for the treatment of stretch marks, acne scars, as well as for preparing the skin before other aesthetic procedures: laser, radiofrequency, hyaluronic fillers, peeling, microneedling and surgery.
A number of clinical studies prove increased hydration and improved skin elasticity after PhilArt Next procedure. Patients demonstrate clinical improvement in reduction of superficial fine lines and better skin tone.

  • Increases the vitality of fibroblasts and physiologically stimulates collagen synthesis
  • Improves elasticity, hydration of skin of any type, regardless of age
  • Restores the quality of the skin: its radiance and youthful appearance, reduces wrinkles and loss of elasticity
  • Prepares the skin for better tolerance and results for other aesthetic procedures

PhilArt Eye
The eye area is an extremely delicate part of the skin of the face. It is strongly influenced by:

  • Environmental factors (wind, humidity, sudden change in temperatures, etc.)
  • natural movements in this area, which is why the area around the eyes ages much faster than any other part of the skin.

The skin around the eyes is very thin (0.3 mm). The amount of hair follicles, sebaceous glands and sweat glands is much less. Elastin and collagen fibers are much less. There is a much smaller amount of subcutaneous fat. Blood and lymph circulation is greatly reduced.

is applied to the fine area around the eyes for the purpose of refreshing the skin, therapy against wrinkles, crow’s feet and ptosis of the eyelids. It improves the quality of the skin in both young and older patients by actively hydrating, toning and smoothing.

  • Improves the structure and elasticity of the eye area;
  • Improves skin quality with an anti-aging effect or prevention in younger patients;
  • Biorevitalizes the area around the eyes;
  • Brightens the eye area.

Who is the procedure suitable for?

The product is suitable for all skin types and ages. It can be applied to all areas where we observe more visible signs of aging, such as the face, neck, décolleté, hands and even the most delicate area around the eyes.

PhilArt can be used as an anti-aging preventative treatment for younger patients to help smooth facial wrinkles and improve the quality and texture of the skin.

Alternatively, for mature patients, PhilArt can help rejuvenate the skin and significantly improve the surface, tone and elasticity of the skin.

How many procedures are required?

Te recommended protocol is 3-4 procedures performed 14-21 days apart.

Does PhilArt combine with other procedures?

Skinbooster treatment with polynucleotides is extremely suitable for skin recovery after laser, radiofrequency, microneedling, peeling procedures and surgery. Also, the product is suitable for achieving a synergistic effect when combining it with other non-invasive aesthetic procedures, such as hyaluronic fillers, botulinum toxin and mesothreads.

Application protocols when combining PhilArt with other procedures :

Please note that the indicated protocols are exemplary and the appointment of a treatment is based on the recommendation of your doctor and the specifics of the patient.

PhilArt and hyaluronic fillers
PhilArt polynucleotides can be combined in one procedure with hyaluronic fillers in different areas of application. It can be prescribed as a treatment of 3 procedures before placing the hyaluronic fillers in order to improve and prepare the skin to achieve optimal results.

PhilArt and PRP
When combining PhilArt polynucleotides with PRP, it is recommended to start with PRP therapy following the protocol prescribed by the doctor. After PRP treatments, 3 to 4 treatments with PhilArt polynucleotides twice a year are needed to achieve and maintain optimal results.

PhilArt and microneedling
In combination of PhilArt polynucleotides with microneedling, it is recommended to leave the procedures at least one month apart. In a combined protocol, it is recommended to start with microneedling and 30 days after the performed procedure proceed with PhilArt polynucleotides. For optimal results, application of the combined protocol 3-4 times is necessary.

PhilArt and mesothreads
When combining PhilArt polynucleotides and mesothreads, an interval of one month is recommended starting with the injection of PhilArt polynucleotides.

PhilArt and surgery
A protocol of 3-4 PhilArt polynucleotide procedures is recommended a month after the surgical manipulation.

PhilArt and botulinum toxin
PhilArt polynucleotides can be combined in one procedure with botulinum toxin in different application areas. Or to be appointed as a therapy of 3 procedures before placing the botulinum toxin in order to improve and prepare the skin.

PhilArt and lasers
Depending on the type of the laser procedure, PhilArt polynucleotides can be done both before and after with an interval of 14 to 30 days.

PhilArt radio frequency procedures
Depending on the type of radiofrequency procedure, PhilArt polynucleotides can be applied both before and after with an interval of 14 to 30 days.

PhilArt and peeling procedures
When combining PhilArt polynucleotides with peeling procedures, it is recommended to start the peeling therapy. After the complete recovery of the skin (15-30 days), a protocol of 3-4 procedures with PhilArt polynucleotides is recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

The treatment usually takes an average of 15 -30minutes.
Depends upon the area treated. Bruising and mild swelling (which tends to last a few hours) may occur. Most treatment related symptoms will settle within 72 hours.
It is recommended that patients have a course of 2-4 treatments 4 weeks apart in order to develop the best results, but improvement can be achieved following a single session. Treatment results generally last 4-6 months.
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