Laser vaginal rejuvenation – LVR

Lаser Vаginаl Rejuvenation® is the most commonly performed genital procedure and an extremely effective method for improving muscle tone, power and control of vaginal muscles. The procedure will also effectively decrease the outer and inner size of the vagina building and strengthening the perineum (the area between the vagina and anus).

Use of LVR:

Urinary incontinence

unintentional release of urine when laughing, coughing, sneezing, exercising.

Vaginal rejuvenation

Improvement of sexual pleasure

To whom is the procedure applicable?

The majority of parous women want and look for a solution for rejuvenation of the vagina to achieve as pleasant as possible a sexual experience. LVR is offered to non-parous women as a solution for a change of appearance for the achievement of the desired final result. In the state of vaginal relaxation, muscles are loosened, have a poor tone and power and correspondingly poor control which leads to enlargement of the inner and outer diameter/size of vagina. In these circumstances, the vagina is no longer in optimal physiological condition, which affects sensitivity, and sexual pleasure is decreased.

As with all other body organs, the vagina and the vulva are not protected against the influence of time, particularly during and after menopause. The female genital tract is strongly affected by the decreased production of estrogen. Almost 50% of women after the age of 40 years experience symptoms of genital atrophy, which can significantly affect their sexual pleasure and quality of life. Fractional laser vaginal rejuvenation (LVR®) is an innovative non-surgical procedure for treatment of age-related vaginal atrophy. It is a safe, effective and long-term solution without the adverse side effects of drug/medication therapies.

What is vaginal atrophy?

Due to aging and low estrogen levels in the organism, the vaginal walls lose collagen, become thinner, and the natural elasticity and adequate blood supply decrease. All this can manifest as:

    • Decrease of vaginal secretion and sensation of vaginal dryness;
    • Vaginal itching and burning sensation;
    • Dyspareunia (painful intercourse);
    • An urgent need for urination and incontinence (unintentional release);
    • Vaginal loosening / relaxation

The symptoms can have an adverse effect on the general female well-being and affect intimacy in a stressful manner. Besides, younger women using analgesic pills due to continuous and/or severe menstruation, women who suffered a traumatic birth, breastfeeding women andbreast cancer patients may also experience these symptoms.

How an LVR procedure acts?

LVR is a fast and effective treatment that uses multiple small bundles of laser energy stimulating the production of collagen and recovery of normal vaginal tissue. The procedure uses the same proven technology that was employedin the last 15 years in the rejuvenation of sensitive face skin. Treatment takes about 30 minutes and can be easily performed during a lunch break, for instance. A laser probe is inserted and the patient feels a light vibration and heating inside the vaginal canal. The sensation is literally painless in the majority of women. The process takes 15 minutes. The probe is removed and the procedure is completed. Within 30 days after treatment, the regeneration of new tissue in the vaginal wall starts to build a naturally stronger, tighter structure, and the protective mucosis restores its volume, hydration and elasticity.

Benefits of LVR therapy:

A 30-minute procedure

Minimal discomfort or pain

Applicable to all women

Achieves long-term improvement

Can be used by specific patient groups

who are not eligible for hormone replacement therapy (HRT), e.g. patients with breast cancer

After the procedure

The majority of patients can already feel an improvement after the first procedure, and the full benefits of LVR treatment are usually achieved after 3 procedures performed 1 month apart.

All changes and improvement caused by LVR treatment are long-term. With the advance of aging processes, an adjunctive treatment every 6-18 months (depending on hormonal and other factors) may be required.

A small portion of women (less than 5%) report a mild discomfort in the first 24 hours, while the majority of patients do not observe it at all. The is no significant stay after the procedure itself and the patient can easily resume her daily activities. Nevertheless, patients are to refrain from physical exercise during the next 24 hours and intercourse within 5 days after treatment.

Combined therapy with TempSure Vitalia

To achieve optimal results, we recommend combining with Tempsure Vitalia – a non-surgical lifting of female intimate area.

Tempsure Vitalia is the first system worldwide that offers a controlled and safe thermal treatment with radio frequency equipment. The procedure stimulates tissues in the female intimate area with the aim of improving their tone. It is a painless non-surgical method based on radio frequency action which activates the process of rejuvenation by providing therapeutic radio frequency pulses to the inner and outer genitalia.

The tip of Tempsure Vitalia is specifically designed for small and hard to reach areas such as the vagina and labia minora. Its usage achieves improvement of local blood circulation and stimulation of the synthesis of collagen and elastin. It is a painless, easy and effective way to maintain intimate health without surgery, without long recovery periods and without hormone treatment.

The total duration of a procedure varies in accordance with the areas treated but usually it does not exceed 30 minutes. After a procedure, no stay at the clinic is required and patients can resume their daily activities immediately after it.


Frequently Asked Questions

There is no need for additional consultation but prior to LVR treatment, the performance of a smear with normal parameters and a vaginal examination by specialist neurosurgeon within the last 12 months are required.

A prepaid package of 3 procedures costs BGN 1500 (with an appointment during initial consultation) If you decide to pay for procedures separately, then the initial consultation is BGN 40 followed by the first procedure at a price of BGN 600.

In some patients, the result is discernible immediately after a procedure, while in others it takes several procedures.

An individual consultation with our gynecologist is required before the procedure. The examination may include an ultrasound scan and smear. Based on the examination, an individual plan for the performance of a procedure or a combination of procedures is prepared.