Enlargement of the G-spot

G-spot (or Grafenberg spot) is a nerve ending located 3-5 cm inward along the anterior wall of the vagina. Stimulation of the G-spot can lead to an orgasm, but it can be hard to identify and stimulate in some women.

Enlargement of the G-spot (known also as G-shot) is a procedure in which hyaluronic acid is injected into said spot. It makes it easier to stimulate, which leads to higher sexual pleasure.

During and after a procedure

  • Duration:
    The total duration of the procedure may vary from 20 to 40 minutes.

  • Anesthesia:
    The level of pain during the procedure is low since a local anesthesia is applied at the site of manipulation.

  • Recovery period:
    After a procedure, a vaginal tampon is placed for a period of 4 to 6 hours. No stay at the clinic is required. Sex life can be resumed after 24 hours. Following a procedure, avoiding the use of swimming pools, saunas, gym workouts and sports such as cycling and horse riding is recommended.

  • Results:
    The durability of the results of the procedure depends on the patient’s individual physiological features, but usually it varies from 4 to 6 months.

  • Contraindications:
    Although no contraindications are known, having the procedure performed on non-menstruating days is recommended in order to achieve a better visualization of the anatomical structures and increase the patient’s comfort.

    An individual consultation with our gynecologist is required before the procedure.
    The examination may include an ultrasound scan and smear. Based on the examination, an individual plan for the performance of a procedure or a combination of procedures is prepared.

Benefits of the enlargement of the G-spot with hyaluronic fillers

A 30-minute procedure

Minimal discomfort or pain

Applicable to any woman over 18 years of age age

No recovery period

Frequently Asked Questions

A non-invasive technology for a discrete, safe and effective treatment with a visible constant result after each procedure, there are absolutely no undesired side effects. The procedure is relaxing and comfortable for the patient.
Excellent results are achieved in the treatment in the areas of the face, neck and décolletage. Upon recommendation by your dermatologist, other body parts can also be treated.
Immediately after the procedure, a slight redness which disappears within several hours of the procedure, is possible. You can resume your daily routine by applying a sun-protection cream if you are expected to expose yourself to direct sunlight.
Usually, achieving an optimal result requires 4 to 6 procedures with a 4-week interval. The effect is visible after the first procedure; however, it is insignificant in comparison to the achieved final result. Consult your dermatologist on the required number of procedures.
Herpes and other skin infections in the treated area, malignant skin formations, pregnancy, epilepsy and other neurological diseases. Refer to the informed consent form which gives you additional information on the procedure itself and potential risks. It is also the informed consent form that you will sign before the administration of a procedure.