Breast augmentation

For centuries, breasts have been the symbol of female power and beauty. However, many women feel unsure in their own femininity due to the natural shape and size of their breasts and need a professional intervention to achieve the ideal proportions for them. At Derma-Act, the team of experienced plastic surgeons led by Dr Alexandros Lafchis guarantees a fully natural and impressive final result after the procedure of breast augmentation.

What you should know about breast enlargement

Enlargement of breasts is one of the most popular aesthetic surgeries worldwide. It is considered a safe and easy invasive procedure. Its aim is to increase the size of the breasts using implants. General anaesthesia is required and its duration varies between 1-1/2 and 2 hours. After the surgery, the patient has to remain under medical surveillance in the clinic for one day.

Surgery is designed for women whose breasts have lost their shape and volume, and women who want to generally improve their appearance. Enlargement of breasts is a personal choice and it is important to make it based on realistic expectations. Before deciding on the procedure, it is important to know whether you are the proper candidate. For this purpose, you must meet one or multiple of the following conditions:

• You are physically healthy, not pregnant and not breastfeeding
• Upu are above 18 years of age and your breasts are completely developed
• Your breasts have lost their shape and volume after pregnancy, weight loss or due to aging
• The upper part of your breasts looks "empty”
• Your breasts are asymmetric
• One or both breasts are not normally developed or have elongated shapes
• You consider the size of your breasts non-harmonic compared to your body and want to improve proportions

Are implants safe?

Implants are 100% safe. They are the most popular method for enlargement of breasts. At Derma-Act, we use high-quality silicone implants certified by the US FDA. Each implant comes with its own serial number and is guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Benefits of breast enlargement

It is no accident that the enlargement of breasts is one of the most popular aesthetic surgeries worldwide. The benefits of the procedure are multiple and the most commonly cited ones are:

It optimizes the shape of breasts

It recovers the symmetry and harmony of the chest compared to the whole body

It increases self-confidence

It improves sexual life

It has an immediate result

Postoperative scars are slightly noticeable

Durable implants approved by FDA

Minimal recovery period

What is the procedure of enlargement of breasts?

The procedure of enlargement of breasts (called also augmentation mammoplasty) improves the natural size and shape of breasts. With it, the size of breasts can be enlarged or the volume lost due to aging, drastic loss of weight, pregnancy or breastfeeding, can be recovered.

There are several different options for enlargement of breasts, but usually the procedure is performed with placement of breast implants. Implants are available in different diameters, volumes and profiles and your surgeon can help you choose the implant which is most suitable for your body and goals. They are composed of silicone gel and are introduced through an incision around the nipples (periareolar), under the breasts (in the inframammary fold) or in the armpit (transaxillary). The implants are placed below or above the breast muscle – depending on the individual case.

Enlargement can also be achieved through a transfer of fats in the breasts, in which your surgeon removes excessive fat from one area (such as belly or thighs) through liposuction and then injects it in the breasts. In some cases, implants are combined with a transfer of fats, since fat can help theimplant look more natural (the so-called hybrid implants).

Frequently Asked Questions

The initial physical examination by your surgeon includes measurements of the chest wall and breasts. After a discussion of the desired final result, the surgeon will give their recommendations for the surgery itself and will help you choose the best size and type of silicone implant for your anatomy, as well as the location of incision.

Before surgery, the following is required:

  • You should be in good health condition.
  • You should consult with your plastic surgeon on any drug interactions which may occur with the drugs which you already take.
  • You should stop the intake of aspirin of drugs containing aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or any herbal supplements since they all increase the risk of bleeding. After the surgery, a physician may prescribe you analgesics and antibiotics.
  • You should undergo the required blood and imaging studies (ultrasound scan for women under 40 years and mammography for women over 40 years) as well as consultations with a cardiologist and a anaesthesiologist.
  • You should be fitted for underwear (tightening bra).
  • Do not take anything orally (food and water) on the day of the surgery.
  • You should consider the date of surgery in relation to your menstrual cycle.
We recommend conscious sedation with local anaesthesia – it decreases risks during surgery and minimizes postoperative nausea and vomiting. However, in case of contraindications, it is proceeded with general anaesthesia.
Usually, the duration of the surgery is between 1-1/2 and 2 hours, but everything is strongly individual and you should discuss the specific case with your plastic surgeon.

The majority of patients require about one week for general recovery immediately after the procedure of enlargement of breasts.

After the surgery, your incisions will be covered with dressings. You will be given instructions on how often and how to change them, as well as how to clean the incisions to prevent infection. The sutures are removed between days 10 and 14 after the procedure, depending on the healing of the wounds. You need to wear a special sports bra (all day and night in the 1st month and only during the day in the 2nd month) to provide support and decrease oedema. If you have drainage tubes, they will remain иn place until your plastic surgeon decideс to remove them. To prevent deformation of the implants, you should to sleep on your back for about six weeks after the procedure. We recommend minimal physical activity and sports in the first four postoperative weeks and that you avoid lifting heavy objects until the second month.

After removal of the sutures upon the judgement of your plastic surgeon, creams may be applied locally for a better aesthetic look of the scars as well as their additional treatment with lasers.

After the enlargement of breasts through breast implants, the breasts gradually start to "lower" (the skin stretches and muscles relax), shifting the implants from the initially high position to a more natural position. The process takes about 3 months depending on the patient's organism.

In the cases of transfer of fats in the area of the breasts, the increased volume is seen immediately after the procedure but the body will absorb part of the injected fat in the first three months. Within six months, the majority of oedema will resolve and the final result will be visible. Within a year, the new fat will act as natural breast tissue.

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