Safety measures and rules for visiting Derma-Act during the COVID-19 pandemic

Derma-Act is monitoring the situation closely. And we’ve adapted our work environment as quickly as possible to ensure both your security and that of our team.

With enhanced safety measures, Derma-Act is staying open. However, we advise you to postpone the visit if you do not have an urgent need for a dermatologist During this time, you can consult our specialists through our new platform TeleDerma.

It is possible that the measures taken by us may change with the development of the situation in the country.

As of 02/04/2020, they include:

Safety measures when entering Derma-Act

Hand sanitizer is placed at the front door of the clinic, which must be used by everyone who enters the clinic. There you will also find disposable covers to put over your shoes.

It is recommended that you wear a mask while in the clinic.

Disinfection of the premises

Only the premises where procedures will be performed are opened.

All rooms in the clinic are disinfected and ventilated before and after each procedure.
Objects that patients come into contact with – such as doorknobs, light switches and others – are also disinfected before and after each visit.

Performing procedures

Our doctors work with special protective clothing – a mask, protective glasses and protective gloves.
The tools and materials used are prepared for work as usual – under extremely strict hygiene measures.

Making an appointment by phone

Your appointments will only be booked by phone or by private message on our Facebook page.

When booking an appointment for a procedure, we will once again explain in detail the measures described here.

When coming to the clinic, we advise you to allow up to 20 minutes more than the usual visiting time.

Please avoid coming with a companion unless absolutely necessary.

You will notice some additional temporary changes to our waiting rooms. We have removed all items – newspapers, magazines and books etc. – which could potentially create a risk of transmission of the virus.

If you have any further questions about the security measures at Derma-Act during the COVID-19 pandemic, please do not hesitate to contact us on 02/ 450 80 80 or 088 974 1417.