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What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is deep hydration of the skin. Because of its specific actions, each mesotherapy has a specific indication – hydrating, firming the skin, toning, minimizing fine lines, and reducing dark circles and puffiness. The most commonly treated areas are the face, eyes and neck. Any patient is suitable for this procedure, and it can be started even from the age of 20 and depending on the specific indications and needs of the skin.

Types of mesotherapy

RRS preparations are professional mesotherapeutic cocktails that effectively combat various skin problems with their specially developed formula. These high-quality cocktails stimulate the dermis and provide the ideal hydro balance, bio-revitalizing the skin.

Sunekos is an injectable treatment with a proprietary formula of 6 amino acids (AA) and hyaluronic acid. The combined injection of Sunekos 1200 and Sunekos 200 more actively counteracts volume loss and smoothes deeper wrinkles.

Aquashine BR/BTX is a new anti-aging formula based on a patented peptide and trophic complex, and hyaluronic acid. Aquashine BTX is focused on 3 main principles: Rejuvenation, Hydration and Relaxation, prolonging the effect of botulinum toxin applied. Aquashine BR contains 4 peptides and 24 amino acids, stimulates cell division, restores skin, reduces and improves areas of prominent hyperpigmentation.


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