Cosmetic facial treatments with Forlle’d

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Cosmetic facial treatments with Forlle’d

85.00 BGN200.00 BGN

Forlle'd is a professional cosmetics company from Japan, a leader in products for recovery of skin function and structure at the cellular level and control of natural and photoaging mechanisms. The formulas are based on Nobel Prize winning discoveries that provide instant and visible results after the first procedure.

At Derma-Act Clinics, we offer a full range of treatments customized to each patient’s individual needs:

Basic hydration – the procedure recovers the balance of moisture and the most important minerals, instantly removes the feeling of tightness and dryness, increases the immunity of the cells and gives a radiant appearance to the skin.

Platinum Therapy – a procedure for instant lifting effect, smooth, tight and radiant skin appearance. It is applied in the presence of signs of aging or hyperpigmentation, as well as to enhance the action of laser procedures.

Therapy for sensitive skin – a procedure designed to eliminate irritation and calm sensitive skin, to recover its natural functions and protect it from the aggressive effects of the environment. The procedure nourishes and saturates the skin with the necessary elements, moisturizes it and recovers the water balance, strengthens the capillary walls, gives softness and elasticity.

Non-invasive biofiller – a procedure designed to hydrate skin of any type, contour the face and correct mimic wrinkles.

Oxygen therapy – a procedure that activates metabolic processes in skin cells, accelerates collagen and elastin synthesis and activates cellular respiration in tissues. Thus, a pronounced lifting effect is achieved, deep wrinkles become less pronounced and fine facial lines disappear. The therapy is also effective in preventing puffiness.

Anti-Age Therapy – a rejuvenating therapy based on biomimetic peptides that visibly improves skin texture and enhances collagen synthesis. Thanks to this, the skin is tighter and firmer, and fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced.

Lifting and rejuvenating therapy – a procedure designed to shape the facial oval, achieve a clearer contour, correct signs of loss of elasticity and gravitational skin ptosis. The therapy prevents the appearance of signs of premature aging, improves skin elasticity and turgor, hydrates it, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. The sculpting effect is visible after the first procedure.

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