Operative or non-operative rhinoplasty?

The founder of Precision Ultrasound Rhinoplasty Dr. Emre Ilhan and the specialist in dermal fillers Dr. Mariela Klaklova will answer one of the most frequently asked questions:

“Rhinoplasty or dermal filler?”

On 29.05. Dr. Ilhan will pay personal attention to anyone who wants to correct minor imperfections and will give his expert opinion on whether the goal is achievable with a filler or surgery. Dr. Klaklova will apply dermal fillers to those who want an immediate correction.

???? Rhinoplasty consultations with Dr. Ilhan will continue on 30.05.

Spots for both days are limited. Book an appointment via Viber message at ???? 0877 90 92 55.

???? Derma-Act Infinity, 6B “Paprat” str.

emoji More about the experts:

Dr. Emre Ilhan was born in Istanbul in 1976. He graduated from Ege University Faculty of Medicine in 2000 in Izmir. From 2001-2005, he studied Otorhinolaryngology at Vakıf Gureba Training and Research Hospital in Istanbul, as well as head and neck surgery. In 2005-2006, he finished his military service in Chief Erzurum Mareşal Çakmak Military Hospital Clinical.

Since 2006, he works in his own clinic in Istanbul. He has over 19 years of experience in the field of otorhinolaryngology, rhinoplasty and otoplasty and more than 7000 operated patients. He has worked with absolutely any type of skin, nasal structure and facial proportions, all ethnicities and races, which has nurtured his approach and ability to create an individual nose for each face.

Dr. Mariela Klaklova graduated from Sofia Medical University in 2018. During her regular studies, she participated in a number of student congresses and seminars to enrich her knowledge regarding new technologies and concepts in medicine. Her professional interests are focused on laser technologies and procedures for body modeling, as well as their application in various fields of dermatology and aesthetic medicine.