VISIA – skin analysis device

One of the most important steps to achieve a good result in skin treatment is to analyze the skin condition beforehand, as well as its specifics for a given patient. In this way, a personalized treatment can be planned according to the characteristics of the skin type.

VISIA is a device that makes it possible to study a patient's skin in detail through digital multispectral imaging. The device scans the facial skin and analyses both the superficial layer and those in depth. This helps to diagnose existing problems, but also to predict and prevent those that are about to develop.

As a result, the doctor has information about the main 6 problems from which the patient's skin could be suffering: Wrinkles, pimples, pores, uneven complexion, presence of bacteria in the pores, pigment spots (from excessive sun exposure).


Using VISIA, the doctor makes a detailed comparison between the patient's skin characteristics and those of other patients of the same age, gender and ethnicity. This information serves as a starting point for the practitioner in diagnosing the skin condition and creating a personalized treatment program.

At the end of the procedure, the patient receives a complete analysis of their skin condition, as well as a list of treatment recommendations, treatment options, and skin protection tips.

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