PicoSure Pro® Laser System

What is PicoSure Pro® and what is it used for?

PicoSure Pro® is the first and only 755nm alexandrite picosecond laser.
The PicoSure Pro device delivers 755nm energy in picoseconds. Thus, the skin is protected from severe thermal damage, while the effect is optimally directed at unwanted pigment, wrinkles, acne scars and pores with a much faster action than traditional lasers.

  • removes unwanted pigmentation in all skin phototypes
  • the safest picosecond laser for phototype 4/5/6 procedures
  • treats fine lines, pores, scars, improves skin texture, with no post-procedure recovery time
  • removes tattoos and permanent makeup with different colors (in the color spectrum of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, gray, black and their derivatives)
  • the only one with FDA approval for the treatment of melasma

Why the 755nm laser beam length and PicosurePro® are the safest and most effective when working even on phototype 4/5/6 (dark skin)?

The picosecond wave of PicoSure Pro® generates very high energy for a fraction of a second, which creates a mechanical or so-called photomechanical effect on the target, breaks the pigment into very small particles, which are then easily eliminated from the body.

755nm wavelength is absorbed to a very high degree only by the melanin in the pigment cells, with almost minimal absorption by the hemoglobin in the blood vessels, which together with the advantage of the picosecond wave does not unnecessarily traumatize the treated area, does not generate excess heat and makes each procedure with minimal recovery period and gives security of work even with dark skin.

In comparison, the nanosecond wave, which creates excess heat, increases the trauma created and thus increases recovery time and the risk of side effects. Nanosecond laser systems break up the pigment into larger particles that are difficult to eliminate from the body.

What are the new benefits and features of PicoSure Pro®?

  • Possibility to customize the procedures by choosing a different and higher energy in each procedure, for faster and visible results with a smaller total number of procedures;
  • Faster and painless procedures by choosing individual settings for each therapy and the possibility of higher energy in each procedure;
  • New nozzle with a size of 5 mm for even more focused therapies;
  • Platinum Focus Lens – an additional nozzle that provides a powerful revitalizing effect, stimulates the production and reorganization of collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis. 100 additional lenses are used, which focus up to 20 times the output energy and cause a powerful controlled stimulus, which translates into minimal recovery time and a comfortable and painless procedure;
  • New indications – FDA approval for the treatment of melasma and nevus of Ota.

Removal of tattoo pigment or permanent makeup

Usually, the pigment of tattoos is located in the dermis, and that of semi-permanent makeup can also have a more superficial location. Its effect depends on color, depth, quantity, area of the body and chemical composition. For this reason, the number of necessary procedures can be different for each patient and for each tattoo.

The picosecond wave, through its vibrations, breaks up the excess pigment into very small particles, which are then eliminated through the lymphatic system. With the possibility of choosing between the nozzles of PicoSure Pro® (755 nm and 532 nm) and the customization of each procedure, even stubborn tattoos and hard-to-remove colors such as yellow and orange can be effectively removed with a smaller total number of procedures and without the risk of scarring after completing the therapeutic course.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When removing a tattoo and permanent makeup - the number of procedures is determined individually after consultation with a specialist in the clinic, and the distance between them is between 4 - 8 weeks.
  • When removing benign pigment lesions and melasma, the number of procedures and the distance between them is determined individually after a consultation in the clinic.
  • Pores, fine lines, laser rejuvenation - about 3 procedures/every 28-30 days.

The procedures take place with mild to moderate discomfort, and different methods of pain relief can be used - ice patches, cooling air system or local anesthesia if needed.

The duration of the procedures differs according to the size of the treated area.

  • Avoid irritating active ingredients and cleaning products for several days after the procedure.
  • Make-up should not be applied to the treated area for at least 24 hours.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure and use sunscreen with a high protection spectrum for several weeks after the procedure.
  • When removing tattoos and permanent makeup, if necessary, additional guidelines are given for hydration and hygiene of the treated area.

Before and After

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