Palomar Icon™ Laser System

What is Cynosure's Palomar Icon™?

Cynosure's Palomar Icon™ is the latest laser technology that provides safe and effective results. The laser can be used for hair removal, capillary removal, hyperpigmentation (solar, melasma), surgical scars, acne scars, stretch marks and laser rejuvenation. The Palomar Icon™ system combines several light technologies – non-ablative 15/40 fractional laser, optimized pulsed light and infrared light.

The laser features a scanner, the Skintel, which scans the patient's skin and reads the amount of melanin in it. This way, the physician can select the optimal parameters to maximize the results of the procedure.

The 15/40 procedure is non-invasive and does not compromise the integrity of the skin. The laser emits numerous microbeams that create narrow, long pillars of coagulated tissue that penetrate the dermis. This injury initiates natural repair processes, resulting in disorganized and compacted connective tissue being replaced by healthy tissue. The high intensity laser beams penetrate 2mm in depth and provide high efficiency from the procedure. Immediately after the procedure, the skin in the treated area is red, slightly swollen and the patient feels a burning sensation. Within 3-4 days the redness and swelling disappear.

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