Laser hair removal with Elite+

The Elite+ Aesthetic Workstation Laser was created in the USA and is based on two of the best and clinically proven lasers in the world:

755 nm Alexandrite
1064 nm Nd:YAG.
These allow aesthetic laser treatments to be performed with unrivalled efficacy and comfort for the client. One of the most important advantages of the Elite+ laser is the larger beam focus on the treated area and the higher power for noticeably faster and uncompromising results.

Each procedure will take much less time and the quality will be perfect.

Personalised treatment with state-of-the-art technology
The Elite+ offers different beam sizes and the option of adjustable pulsation, providing treatment specifically programmed to the patient’s needs.
This allows personalized treatment of a variety of problems: unwanted hair, pigmentation, vascular lesions, no matter the patient's skin type.


  • significantly faster removal of unwanted hair;
  • amazing result after the first procedure;
  • even longer-lasting effect;
  • safe, even in summer;
  • special treatment according to your needs and requirements.

Benefit from innovations in dermatology, ensuring your convenience and comfort!

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