Chrome Lase – Station

What is Crome Lase-Station® from Quanta System?

Crome Lase-Station® is a laser system based on a powerful Q-Switched 1064/532nm Nd:YAG laser with high-tech additional modules that allow repetition rates up to 20Hz.
With Chrome Lase-Station ® its possible to perform more than 50 types of treatments thanks to it additional modules, 100% Italian design with 35 years of heritage in the development of lasers for human care.

Advantages of Chrome Lase-Station®

  • The fastest Nd:Yag wtih Q-Switch (1064nm & 532nm) up to 20 Hz
  • Two modules in the main configuration (Q-Switched and Opti-Pulse)
  • Seven additional modules to expand treatment possibilities
  • Optizoom 2mm to 8mm round flat handpiece
  • Naturapeel handpiece for cardbol peel
  • Rosso handpiece for pigmented lesions without purpura
  • Deep Fractional handpiece for scars, wrinkles and skin tightening
  • Fractional tip with high coverage for pigmented lesions on sensitive skin
  • Pulsed 1064nm module for vascular lesions, skin rejuvenation and nail fungus

Extremely powerful and fast Q-Switched technology with two separate emission modes

With the extremely short pulse duration (6ns) and high peak power, Q-Switched Chrome laser source can effectively generate photoacoustic effect. This significantly reduces the thermal interaction with the surrounding tissue.

The two laser modes (Q-Switched and Opti-Pulse) available with the Chrome Q-Switched module allow the treatment of all skin types.

More than 50 types of treatments in one device:

Epidermal and dermal pigmented lesions

Rejuvenation and skin tightening

Vascular lesions

Skin peel

Revision of acne scars and inflammatory acne

Nail fungal infection

Chrome Lase-Station® Modes:

Rosso is the fast and durable hadnpiece that allows for further extension of Chrome’s reach.
With speeds up to 10 Hz and a peak power of 27 MW, Rosso is designed to remove pigmented lesions on darker and pigmentation-prone skin, thanks to its 694 nm wavelength, which has the lowest competitive absorption in the blood .

Treats benign pigmented lesions, dermatological vascular lesions, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, benign skin lesions and scars, freckles, photoaging (age spots, sunspots), seborrheic keratosis, actinic keratosis, Becker nevus, dyschromia, dermatological diseases of the feet (skin and nails), Periungual and subungual warts, Plantar warts.

532 nm
The mode is intended for the treatment of benign pigmented and skin lesions and scars, as well as skin rejuvenation.

Nd:YAG 1064 nm
The long-pulse Nd:YAG 1.064 nm chrome mode is well recognized as the most effective laser for the treatment of vascular lesions. This wavelength is absorbed by hemoglobin and can penetrate very deep into the skin (almost 5 mm).
Designed to work with the OptiZoom handpiece, it can also treat onychomycosis (nail fungus), active acne and skin rejuvenation.

Chrome Lase-Station® applications

NaturaPeel is applied to remove skin impurities and reduce enlarged pores for a smoother and glowing skin on the go.

Décolleté is designed to treat redness, sun spots, age spots and at the same time tight and even out skin tone.