Lymphatic drainage with BTL Lymphastim

What is BTL Lymphastim?

BTL Lymphastim is a device for lymphatic drainage. It consists of a guiding part and a patient system connected to it, which is put on. It covers the lumbar region and the entire leg. The operating part of this suit consists of 12 inflatable chambers filled with air in a specific sequence. The apparatus has multiple programs depending on the main purpose of the procedure.

Apparatus lymphatic drainage is part of modern rehabilitation and aesthetic medicine. The procedure stimulates the movement of lymph, thus helping to maintain the fluid balance in the body and remove harmful microorganisms and bacteria that have entered it. It has a revitalizing effect on the skin – it is smooth and rejuvenated after just a few procedures. It also helps to release accumulated toxins and fight cellulite by stimulating blood circulation.

It has a very good effect on:

  • stimulation of lymphatic circulation
  • reduction of peripheral edema of different origin
  • speeding up recovery processes
  • reduction of pain symptoms

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