Microneedling with AmieaMed – REVIVE

AmieaMed – REVIVE: clinical microneedling from the world leader in aesthetic medicine

AmieaMed are clinical microneedling devices of the highest class. They are manufactured in Germany and meet the requirements for microperforation procedures. Their application ensures maximum results for patients.

REVIVE MN is not onlyhighly productive, but also very beautiful. Although it operates with a low noise and vibration level, the REVIVE MN is extremely powerful and fast, making up to 150 pricks per second. It punctures the dermis with minimal trauma to the epidermis.

Advantages of AmieaMed Revive MN:

  • Power and speed – AmieaMed’s powerful devices provide fast and efficient needle movement without overheating, as well as precise control of penetration depth.
  • Epidermal trauma is minimal and no restriction of patient social contact is required.
  • Precision – AmieaMed’s patented removable support plate adapts to the characteristics of each skin type, allowing precise and effective treatment of even the most difficult to reach areas.
  • Safety – All AmieaMed cartridges feature a patented securing membrane that prevents fluids from returning to the tip.
  • Quality guaranteed – AmieaMed devices are manufactured by an experienced team with excellence in the field.
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