Hands-on training with Dr. Beatriz Beltran at Derma-Act

“My goal is to treat patients by practicing medicine in a comprehensive, integrated and holistic manner. I appreciate the person as a whole, trying to see them not only from the outside, but also from the inside, i.e. I perform treatments starting from the GENES to the SKIN.” – Dr. Beatriz Beltran

We started the month with a very useful and interesting hands-on training with the main focus:

How Ellansé® collagen-stimulating dermal fillers work and their capabilities

The practical part of the training was led by the guest speaker Dr. Beatriz Beltran – owner of the Dra. Beatriz Beltran aesthetic medicine clinic in Barcelona, Spain and one of the best aesthetic dermatologists in Europe. Dr. Styliana Trendafilova, Dr. Petya Petkova, as well as other specialists from Bulgaria and Romania learned about approaches in the treatment of wrinkles and sagginess in the face area.

The constant improvement of dermatological care in our country is the fundamental concept behind our team. It is for this reason that our clinic aims to become a place for regularly conducting such trainings and seminars.

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