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How do we perform hair transplantation at Derma-Act?

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplantation is the most reliable method of hair transplantation. At Derma-Act clinic we base every FUE procedure on detailed preparation and precise execution. We use the most advanced diagnostic medical technologies to plan your hair transplant step by step, maximizing the vitality of your hair follicles.

How can we be sure of the result?

Derma-Act guarantees results to its patients through a series of hair follicle counts before and after transplantation,using the innovative FotoFinder expert visualization technology. Thus, we offer a guarantee for every hair follicle you pay, based on which we perform an additional FUE free of charge in the event that some hair follicles are found to have not grown (besides a naturally acceptable deviation of 5%).

You can learn more about the procedure itself here.