Dr. Styliana Trendafilova – the new partner at the Derma-Act clinic

Interview with Dr. Konstantinos Pagidas Derma-Act Clinic

I have known Dr. Trendafilova since 2011, when we specialized at the Military Medical Academy. Even then, for her, a doctor was not just a profession, but a mission behind which there are many years of hard work and perseverance.

Later, when the idea of Derma-Act was born, we already knew that we could count on each other’s professional attitude. And that’s a pretty good start to a successful partnership. She is one of those extremely valuable dermatologists nowadays who, in addition to the aesthetic side of the craft, also carries the thinking of dermatology in its classical form.  

“In a profession where it’s not awards that matter, but results and satisfied patients, it’s extremely important to work with good professionals. Fortunately, everyone at the clinic is like that. It is a privilege for me to work with the manager of the clinic Vesela Boseva, Dr. Petya Petkova and the entire current team in general. In such an environment, you realize that together you will go much farther than either of you individually.”

For me, a successful partnership is not always getting along, but helping each other along the way to a common goal. Only then can you take risks together and move forward. Therefore, I am calm and look forward to our future work projects not only at the Derma-Act clinic, but also outside of it.