DERMA FRIDAY: It's impossible to resist

Between the 19th and 28th of November, Derma-Act gives you the great opportunity to take care of yourself in the best way and at great prices. During this period, you can purchase selected facial and body treatments for specific areas with a 30% discount. The offer is valid for our online store and on site at the clinic. You can enjoy the procedures purchased during Derma Friday until 09.03.2022.  

Here’s what our DERMA FRIDAY selection looks like:

Laser hair removal
The procedure gives you silky smooth skin, quickly and painlessly. With the help of two latest-generation technologies, the Elite+ Aesthetic Workstation and Elite iQ Modern Aesthetic Workstation, you will get long-lasting and uncompromising results. Suitable for any skin type.
The offer of -30% is valid for the following areas: whole legs, whole arms, intimate area for women, chest for men.

  • See how the procedure works here.

A non-invasive facial procedure that removes the surface layer of the skin through mechanical exfoliation with fine diamond heads, abrasive crystals and vacuum. As a result, it becomes fresher, softer, with a more even and radiant complexion. It is recommended for revitalizing darkened, dry or rough skin, for deep cleansing, for erasing fine lines, spots and acne scars.
The offer of -30% is valid for the following areas: face, face and neck, back.

  • See how the procedure works here.

Face and body rejuvenation with TempSure®

The therapy tightens loose skin on the face and body using radio frequency energy. It stimulates collagen production and reduces the wrinkles and fine lines on the face to a minimum, restores the elasticity of the skin and gives it a youthful look. The effect on the body is also impressive – TempSure® works great in problem areas such as belly, arms and thighs, and successfully copes with cellulite.
The offer of -30% is valid for the following areas: eye contour, full face, back and front of thighs, belly, arms, buttocks.

Face and body tightening with Maximus

This innovative system allows our specialists to treat all four layers of the skin to improve its condition. Positive results in the facial area include reduction of wrinkles and acne scars, tightening of the skin, improvement of its texture, and removal of imperfections. On the body, Maximus therapy is used for local fat reduction and girth reduction of stretch marks and scars, as well as in the fight against cellulite
The offer of -30% is valid for the following areas: neck, whole face, palms, arms, buttocks, belly, back and front thighs.

Cellulite removal with BTL Emtone®
In the constant battle for smooth skin, BTL Emtone® is the only device that acts directly on the causes for the appearance of cellulite. The procedure is suitable for anyone looking for an effective solution to remove cellulite and improve the overall appearance of their skin. The therapy has no age or seasonal restrictions and produces results on any area where orange skin is present.
The offer of -30% is valid for the following areas: whole legs, calves, love handles, arms, buttocks, belly, saddlebags, rear, front and inner thighs.

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