Being a doctor in 2020 is the biggest challenge.

At Derma-Act, we pride ourselves on making quality dermatological care accessible. This enables more and more people to take care of their skin health. But we are most proud of our team of professionals for whom being a doctor is not just a profession, but also a mission. 

Their efforts do not go unnoticed.

This time the recognition came from the annual event “Woman of the Year” which GRAZIA magazine has been holding for 15 years to reward the most successful and strong women in Bulgaria. This year it is Dr. Styliana Trendafilova and Dr. Maria Hadjiyska who have become a part of this wonderful tradition by winning the special “Ambassadors of Beauty” award.

We know being a doctor in 2020 is the biggest challenge. They showed that even in a year filled with so many challenges, success, dedication and professionalism are possible. Therefore, our pride in their achievement is twofold.