Beauty connects us

What can you expect when one of the most beautiful women in Bulgaria and the founder of her own cosmetic line, joins forces with one of the best dermatological clinics in the country, whose main mission is to promote the care of the appearance and make it even more available? Nothing less than an absolutely unique and remarkable product.

Over the years, Nikoleta Lozanova has become a paragon of beauty, which naturally leads to the conception of her personal brand NL Beauty – a brand that stands behind the stylish and classy appearance of modern women.

Since the inception of Derma-Act, we have had the pleasure of working with Nikoleta on various projects and it was high time that our partnership went to the next level, namely the introduction of a new hydrating lip balm created with the support and recommended by our dermatologist doctors.

Its ultra-hydrating formula without added colorants, containing only natural ingredients and enriched with macadamia and shea butter, nourishes the lips in depth, making them even more tender and plump.

As for its addictive opening mechanism and exotic coconut flavor, we’ll leave it to you to enjoy.

If you can’t wait to experience its moisturizing effect on your lips, look for the new NL Beauty Hydrating Lip Balm at our :
Derma-Act clinics: 150 “Cherni vrah” blvd.
Derma-Act Infinity, 6B “Paprat” str.