Allergan products are part of our portfolio

Allergan hyaluronic fillers are sterile, apyrogenic, physiological solutions of bound hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin. They are available in two main variations of production method – the patented 3D MATRIX formula and the patented VYCROSS® formula.

The 3D MATRIX series products are called Juvederm® Ultra. Their technology ensures the durability of the filler and the achievement of optimal volume during its application. Lidocaine is added to the hyaluronic acid in a concentration of 0.3%, which provides comfort and pain relief to the patient during the injection. In cases of patients allergic to lidocaine, the products are unsuitable for use.
The fillers are monophasic, which means that 100% of the hyaluronic acid is in a bound state, unlike biphasic preparations, in which at least 20% of it is in a free state, which also implies their faster degradation.

The Juvederm® Ultra products they have a high degree of plasticity, which guarantees them an even distribution during their implantation and a visible natural result. They are used to correct medium and deep wrinkles. Of importance is the fact that they are all injected lightly.
Another quality of Juvedem Ultra products is their high degree of biocompatibility with human tissues, which also ensures their safety when entering and remaining in human tissues.
It is important to know that Juvederm® Ultra products have FDA approval.

The Juvederm® Ultra series includes:

  • Juvederm® Ultra 3 is a hyaluronic gel for injection with a relatively high density, which can be used for the correction of medium-depth and deeper wrinkles, including in the lips at the discretion of the doctor and the condition of bone structures, muscle groups, fat deposits and skin.
  • Juvederm® Ultra SMILE is a thick hyaluronic gel that counteracts the loss of volume, emphasizes the contour and restores the contours of the lips. The result is a soft and natural radiance.
  • Juvederm® Ultra 4 is the thickest gel of the series. It is used for injection into nasolabial folds, correction of cheekbones and the oval of the face.

The VYCROSS® series products are manufactured using a special technology that ensures an extremely effective bonding and durability of the product over time, which lasts from 12 to 18 months. VYCROSS® technology is also characterized by high homogeneity, as the products retain their shape and do not change their position in the tissue after their placement – they remain where they are introduced. Fillers with this technology do not cause excessive retention of water molecules, which means that patients will not look puffy, but will have a natural look and fresh radiance.

The Juvederm® VYCROSS® series includes:

  • Juvederm Volbella® is a gentle product that is designed to affect all types of fine lines/wrinkles. It can be injected into the lips and the area around the mouth, including wrinkles also known as “barcode”, and also for correction of the tear trough.
  • Juvederm Volift® is the most versatile filler from the VYCROSS® technology family. It can be used to contour the face and recover volume, in order to correct facial structural defects such as asymmetry, contour deformations, reduced volume of the lips, cheeks, chin, lower half of the face. It is also used to correct nasolabial folds, to lift eyebrows and model marionette lines.
  • Juvederm® Volume® is an injectable implant applied to contour the face and to restore the loss of volume in the chin, cheeks and cheekbones, which are associated with age-related changes, further enhanced by hormonal effects.

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