A package from Dr. Persensky

Because taking care of the area “south of the navel” is also important.

There is nothing better than feeling good in your own skin. But after giving birth or with advancing age, complications can arise that make even the most confident woman feel awkward and uncomfortable in everyday life. That is why Derma-Act offers you the special package by Dr. Persenski, including three complementary procedures – ultrasound, vaginal rejuvenation and intimate biorevitalizationat a promo price of BGN 400. (standard price 850 BGN).

The offer is valid until 09.05.2022. You can also buy the package online here.

Over the years and with the number of natural births, it is normal for the elasticity of the vagina to decrease, leading to a decrease in sensitivity during intercourse or, in the worst case, to a condition called urinary incontinence (involuntary leakage of urine when laughing, coughing, sneezing, lifting weights and other activities that put increased pressure on the bladder).

These are common problems, but many women suffer in silence because they are either too embarrassed to seek help or believe it is a normal part of aging and childbirth“, explained Dr. Persenski. “The Derma Intim package offers a permanent solution to this problem.

A routine ultrasound examination is the first step in comprehensive therapy. This is also the most secure way to make sure that everything is in good shape and there are no pathological deviations.

Then comes LVR (laser vaginal rejuvenation)­– a new and extremely effective method for improving the elasticity of the vagina and its functionality. The procedure successfully reduces the external and internal dimensions of the vagina by building and strengthening the perineum (the area between the vagina and the anus). LVR uses multiple small beams of laser energy to stimulate collagen production and restore normal vaginal tissue. It is placed in the form of a laser probe, which the patient feels as a slight vibration and warming inside the vaginal canal. Most women describe the procedure as slightly painful. The whole treatment takes about half an hour and can easily be done during your lunch break. Within 30 days after the therapy, the regenerated tissue of the vaginal wall begins to build a stronger, tighter structure, and the protective mucosa restores its volume, hydration and elasticity.

Recommended for use after laser intravaginal procedures are fillers for intimate biorevitalization. They are injectable vaginal fillers for volume and recovery in the intimate area. They successfully slow down the aging process and restore natural hyaluronic acid production. In case of Vaginal Dryness Syndrome, they have a great effect in improving the hydration of the mucous membrane.