A French fairytale

Treat yourself to therapy in our new beauty salon, created especially for Biologique Recherche, and immerse yourself in the fabulous world of the iconic French brand.

You can make an appointment by calling 0889 74 14 17 and 0882 77 27 71.

Biologique Recherche is an icon in the French beauty industry. It’s hard to deny the quality of its products and treatments when stars like J-Lo, Victoria Beckham, the sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and a bunch of other die-hard fans of the brand swear by them. They call Biologique Recherche “the Hermes of cosmetic brands” or “Haute couture in cosmetics”.

The key to the company’s success lies in the combination of innovative products and precise, customized protocols.

The products are formulated with a high concentration of active ingredients derived from natural or biotechnology compounds and without added fragrances.

Each person has a different skin condition that evolves each day. The first and mandatory step in the Biologique Recherche method is a diagnosis of the skin condition with Skin Instant Lab® and Visiolab. This unique analysis allows us to determine the exact condition of the skin at the time of the procedure. Correctly reading the sygnals of the epidermis helps therapists to adapt their approach personally, according to the needs of each client, in order to achieve immediate and visible results.

Biologique Recherche’s therapies are numerous, meet the needs of each client and can always be expanded – for an even more remarkable effect. Whether the goal is revitalization and hydration, antiaging, or to address more specific issues such as pigmentation or scars, procedures from the brand’s menu have a guaranteed effect. The personalized therapies for skin preparation and recovery before and after aesthetic and dermatological procedures are also particularly interesting.

Regardless of your needs, our specialists are trained to create personalized beauty therapies and protocols to meet your individual needs, adhering to the creed of Biologique Recherche’s creator, Ivan Alloush, “Let the quintessence of my years filled with passion, persistent work and research serve as a tribute to the beauty you embody!”.