7 Years of Aesthetic Excellence

What does Derma-Act have in common with Maria Bakalova – the most successful Bulgarian actress in Hollywood? One big dream, a lot of effort and perseverance to achieve it, and the thousands of successes that follow it.

For the last 7 years at Derma-Act, we managed to turn a dream into a goal, which little by little started to become a reality.
Now is the time to properly celebrate that dream.
But we don’t expect gifts. Exactly the opposite.
To say “thank all” to all our patients, to whom we owe our success over the past seven years, we have a special offer.

Take advantage of our incredible discounts of up to 30% on our treatments.
Prepay a desired treatment until February 9, and schedule your appointments at a time convenient for you until March 9.

You’re able to purchase treatments online or at the clinics.

You can purchase procedures with up to 30% discount from 9.01. until 9th Feb 2024 and use them until 9th March 2024. The discount does not apply to: plastic surgery, Botox (except Botox in 3 areas, where promo prices of BGN 500 for women and BGN 600 for men are applicable), mesothreads, cosmetic procedures, general dermatology exams and consultations, as well as Allergan, Restylane®, Radiesse®, Profhilo®, Aquashine and SuneKos products. Ask more about them at the clinic.