Derma-Act иска да ви зарадва с много подаръци по случай първия си рожден ден

Нашата клиника навърши една година и смятаме да празнуваме подобаващо цял месец! Разберете повече тук.

Първата клиника с ОНЛАЙН МАГАЗИН

Derma-Act има удоволствието да ви представи една иновация от света на дерматологията - своя онлайн магазин. Разберете повече за неговата цел и специалното ни предложение тук.

The Clinic

At Derma-Act clinic for Dermatology and Aesthetics we unite a team of young professionals, who have set themselves the ambitious goal to completely change the concepts of this industry by giving wider access to quality dermatological services, and by teaching habits for proper skin care.

Derma-Act runs with leading Bulgarian dermatologists , while every month a famous international specialist will hold consultations at the clinic. The goal of the team is more people to have access to quality care, without experiencing anxiety or feeling uncomfortable of being at one of the most equipped and luxurious clinics. We strive for all patients to enter and leave the clinic with the feeling that they have received the best, because when it comes down to health, each and every one of us deserves it. For the purpose free open hours are also provided.

Derma-Act is equipped with the latest innovations in the area of dermatology and medical cosmetics. We operate with some of the best and most modern lasers and technologies, including Cutera, Cynosure Elite+ and BTL Vanquish ME. However, the innovation of the clinic is mainly expressed in the active attitude towards our patient and especially towards children.

Do not hesitate to call us on +359 88 974 1417. We will answer all your questions and you can easily book an appointment.

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At Derma-Act clinic we are committed to providing quality treatment and to making our patients feel at ease and well informed. We are always at your service for consultation and booking appointments.

Working hours:

Monday - Saturday: 10:00-19:00

Sunday: closed

Sofia, 1000

150 Cherni Vrah Boulevard, 3rd floor

phone: 02/ 450 80 80

mobile: +359 88 974 1417

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